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Re: Journal of Functional Programming

In article <8909270321.AA16595@ATHENA.CS.YALE.EDU>, hudak-paul@YALE.EDU (Paul Hudak) writes:
> New journal announcement:
> 	      Papers on declarative languages that deal with combining
> 	      functional and logic languages will also be appropriate.

Argh!  I am struggling hard to keep up with logic programming, and failing.
There are already too many relevant journals that I have a hard time getting
hold of.  The last thing I need is another hole for papers relating to
logic languages to disappear down.

I'm not arguing against JFP.  But would it be at all possible to come to
some arrangement with JLP or NGC to arrange for papers relevant to both
logic and functional programming to be published in a logic programming
journal _as_well_?  If it is not possible to do that, at the very least
please ensure that extended abstracts of every JFP paper related to logic
programming are published in some logic programming journal (JLP for choice).

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