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Free (or very close to it) (nearly?) Common LISP?

Does anyone in comp.lang.lisp land know of any vaguely Common LISP
package available with source for various flavours of UNIX (like
v7-with-a-licence or (gack) SysV) or Incredibly Bad Machine PC-Clones or
both which is free or very nearly so?

What would be perfect would be a Common LISP development system with a
real Emacs and an incremental compiler of some nature that comes with
source which can be handled by Messy-DOS machines and has been released
by some extremely kind soul as Freeware or Shareware that poor,
unemployed full-time students don't really have to pay that much for.

Of course, I'd also be extremely happy if someone could tell me if
I can find a LISP-(of just about any variety under the sun)
to-some-compilable-language- (e.g. C, Modula2, Forth, Fifth) or-even-
808[68]-machine-code compiler such as the one that the late Peter
Ashwood-Smith wrote about at the end of his useful but
slow and, unfortunately, sourceless PC-LISP V2.07 documentation.

Is TI's PC-SCHEME more-or-less what I'm looking for?   The price seems
right, and the advertising sounds promising, though the prettily-painted
picture of the product that TI's advertisers have come up with is
rather unfortunately lacking in concrete details.   The only thing
I'm sure about is that it's affordable and arrives sans-source.

Any suggestions of just about any nature I will greatly appreciate,
especially if I'm pointed to a package that, like the XLISP interpreter,
comes with source and thus probably can be ported to other programming
environments.   I really don't want to be stuck to something that will
refuse to move with most of my other things if and when I scrape enough
money together to buy a modest machine with an MMU of some nature and a
modestly-good operating system.   However, if someone *really* likes
a chained but cheap software package that won't move up to anything
but another Intel chip, please let me know about it.

Thanks 1e+06,

Sean Doran the Younger <sean@lsuc.on.ca> (Internet & BITNET)

Sean Doran the Younger <sean@lsuc.on.ca> (Internet & BITNET)