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Re: Looking for a MacIntosh Scheme

In article <9558@thorin.cs.unc.edu> stecker@unc.cs.unc.edu (Melanie 
Stecker) writes:
> I am interested in finding Scheme for the MacIntosh,
> (to run on a MacPlus at best) for use in a first year
> programming course.  
> If you know of such a Scheme, please email me details.
> If you have experience with the Scheme, especially in
> an educational setting, please include a brief evaluation
> of the software.
> Depending on the response I receive, I will post a 
> summary of replies.
> Thank you.
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If you're talking about commercially-available implementations, the only 
one that I'm familiar with is Lightship Software's (formerly Semantic 
Microsystems') MacScheme family of products.

They have everything from Scheme Express, which is a very nice little 
bytecode-interpreted system with a very nice little price tag ($69.95) 
with a lot of cool things, such as a very simple, very elegant little 
object system and a really cool nondeterministic programming system that 
John Ulrich wrote (and wrote about in the September AI Expert, if my 
memory serves me correctly).  A bit higher up is MacScheme, which supports 
native-code compilation for the Macintosh.  Higher up still is 
MacScheme+Toolsmith, which gives you high-level Macintosh Toolbox/OS 
access and the ability to create standalone applications that can be 
distributed without royalties.

Scheme Express sounds like it might be exactly what you need; it's 
inexpensive and fits just fine in a one-megabyte Macintosh Plus.  If you 
want native code, you can go with MacScheme for $150; it will also work on 
a one-meg machine.  MacScheme+Toolsmith is $395 and will run in one meg, 
but large programs may need more RAM.

I suggest that you contact Lightship Software at:

P.O. Box 1636
Beaverton, OR  97075
(503) 643-6909

Good luck!

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