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XScheme0.17 for FTP

The version of XScheme 0.17 that was posted is an incredible mess for Unix.

So, I`ve taken it, and done the following:
  1> Renamed files into lower case
  2> Hacked the makefile
  3> Filtered all of the files, to change all of the cr/lf to lf.
  4> Chopped out the ^Z end of file marker

With this done, it compiles happily on our 4.2BSD machine.

I've taken the working sources for 4.2BSD, tarred them into a single
file, and places for public FTP on topaz.rutgers.edu, in the
file "~ftp/mc/xscheme017.tar". (For those with stupid hosts, our
internet address is

This is strictly *temporary*. My best guess at how long it will last is
2-3 weeks.

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