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re: Scheme for unix systems

The T language has a Scheme environment which is about 99% compatible
with the Scheme standard, based on my recent experience porting
several thousand lines of Scheme code to the T system.  The quality of
the T compiler is very good, producing code which is comparable in
speed to Pascal and C.  It also adds some useful extensions to Scheme,
including multiple return values, a simple object system, debugger and
inspector, macros, structures, hash tables.  It is available for
VAXes, Sun 3, Apollo, HPs, and both parallel and sequential versions
for Encore Multimax.  According to the information I have from Lisp
Pointers Vol. 1, #6, it is available by FTP from some sites at MIT,
but I just tried there, and I couldn't find it.  Maybe someone else
can give the latest info on how to get it.