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Re: TI & Open OODB funding

  I wonder how much of the OODB work is in Lisp.

My understanding is that it is not the main thrust, but that they are
committed to multi-language support, and Lisp is somewhat important under
that goal.  The idea is to have a multi-language, multi-vendor OODB that
can be used to easily glue together all sorts of applications.

I believe that they have a client-server model, and that TI is simply
working on a Lisp interface to this.  Probably TI also has the main
contract for construction of the server itself.

    And if we have a chance to find out more about what they're doing or to
    cooperate with them (adding features or whatever), let's cozy up.

Would it be appropriate to approach the TI guys and find out who their
DARPA person is, and how they see the role of Lisp?

   I'm not sure that starting an OODB project of our own at this late date
   would fly, but strategic alliances would make a lot of sense.

Yes, that is probably true.  I was more hoping that the Open OODB will turn
out to be a win, and that we might want to get involved in integrating it
with our system, making use of it, etc.