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Re: TI & Open OODB funding

        And if we have a chance to find out more about what they're doing or to
        cooperate with them (adding features or whatever), let's cozy up.
    Would it be appropriate to approach the TI guys and find out who their
    DARPA person is, and how they see the role of Lisp?
Well, it would be appropriate to tell them that we're interested in OODB
and how it relates to Lisp, that we would like to better understand what
modifications to Lisp would make it work better for this, and that we'd be
interested in playing with their OODB system when and if it becomes
available.  Also that we're itnerested in what they know of DARPA's future
plans for this kind of work, and Lisp's role in that.  Let's not ask for
their DARPA contacts right now -- we don't them to think we're trying to
poach their support.

    From what interaction I have had with the TI guys, they seem competent, and
    they also believe that our system is much better than KCL.  It seems that
    we could get support from them for our continued funding simply as a
    delivery vehicle for the Open OODB.
Yup.  Let's keep them happy.

-- Scott