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CLIM news

Well, Gabriel was able to clear up some of the mystery, but it's not clear
to me where we go from here.  Guess I'll wait to hear from Bill York.
I told Gabriel that we have the code but didn't know what the legal
entanglements might be, since ILA never did go public with it or give us an
actual license.

-- Scott

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Scott, the situation is complicated. There is (or was) a 3-way
code-sharing agreement between Franz, Symbolics, and Lucid. Code
includes documentation.  Symbolics and Franz are doign the code and
Lucid the documentation. As best I can determine, Franz and Symbolics
just last week broke the agreement, so Lucid might also. As far as I
can tell, Lucid will get the latest 2.0 code this week, and we might
send them the current documentation.

ILA gave up on CLIM a while back. Since ILA wasn't paying salaries,
some of the folks quit. We hired Bill York from ILA. I understand that
ILA might give its interest in CLIM to its employees, York included,
as payment of salary. In that case, possibly CMU can get rights
from these employees, or maybe Lucid can give you rights.

We are actually developing CLIM 2.0 for MCL (I think), and the deal
was successfully made because (I think) we have York.

I will forward your message to York and let him provide more
information, if he can.


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