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Thanks for the response.  I'm sure you're very busy.

Bill Schelter has placed a slightly modified gabriel.tar.Z in
/pub/kcl/, visible by anonymous ftp from cli.com.  I believe this
fixes the proclamation and FFT problems that you reported.  I have
personally doubled-checked that it now runs without a problem in AKCL,
Lucid, Allegro, and CMULisp.  I look forward to hearing whether it
works with Lisp Works.  I don't have access to a Lisp Works system or
I would have tried it myself.

This new version does a proclaim of:

(proclaim (quote (optimize (compilation-speed 0) (safety 0) (speed 3)
			   (space 0)
			   (debug 0))))

I hope that makes everyone's times come out as fast as possible.