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CMU Common Lisp 15a

First a real bug:

CMU Common Lisp 15a, running on bam
Hemlock 3.5 (15a), Python 1.0(15a), target SPARCstation/Sun 4
Send bug reports and questions to cmucl-bugs@cs.cmu.edu.
* (floor 3.7 (/ pi 2))

Argument DIVISOR is not a REAL: 1.5707963267948966d0.

  0: Return to Top-Level.

Debug  (type H for help)


Second, I tried to use Hemlock via X. This is on a Sun IPC running
esentially as an X-terminal to a Sparc 2 with 16Mb. I get two kinds
of behaviour -- either

(1) The IPC hangs completely and has to be rebooted.


(2) Two Hemlock windows appear which just beep at keypresses; 
    no text comes up.

The IPC is running OpenWindows 2.0. From my own experiments with
CLX and OpenWindows some of the CLX functions don't behave well.
I had to add

OpenWindows.FocusLenience: True

to .Xdefaults to get my CLX generated windows to accept input.
Perhaps this is related to the Hemlock problem? Went back to 
using Emacs/Ilisp.....

Thanks for distributing the system. Lots of luck!

Nigel O'Brian
School of Mathematics
University of Sydney