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I have copied over a version to rascal:ftp/pub/gabriel.tar.Z
[you might copy that to cli.com].

for cmulisp one must do (assuming that cmulisp is the command
to invoke cmulisp)

% make "LISP=cmulisp" "QUIT=(quit)"

since cmulisp (unlike other lisps under unix) does not exit when the
end of file is reached.  Unfortunately many makefiles depend on this.

I added the
(proclaim (quote (optimize (compilation-speed 0) (safety 0) (speed 3)
                           (debug 0))))

as you suggest.  [Note (debug 0) is not common  lisp (i don't think), and
so may cause warnings on most lisps!].    The cmulisp times are improved
by that.

I ran it in the newer akcl which is about to be released in a day
or two.   I had noted that the cmulisp was faster on the fft-mod
which surprised me, and I realized there were a few optimizations
I had left out.   Now AKCL is faster on that.

fft-mod.cl is a correctly declared version of the original fft.cl
In fact the original had conditionals for various lisps, and used
single-float for some and long-float for others and for others none
(not allowing it to compile as suggested in the note on cmu.lang.lisp).
So I have fixed the declaration to at least compile, and to use
double-float, which I think in most lisps should mean the same thing
whereas single-float and long-float might not.   (single-float  =
double-float in akcl, and long-float could mean a very long variable size
floating type size  in future).


ps: here is a rerun on the sparc2 of the with cmulisp having the 
correct proclaim.

Inserting file ~/chart-lisps
---Begin File ~/chart-lisps---
On a sparcstation 2
cmulisp version 15a
akcl 605 (compiled with standard sun cc of rel 4.1.1)

              AKCL    cmulisp   
BOYER        1.533     2.150 
BROWSE       2.617     7.420 
CTAK         1.033     0.460 
DDERIV       0.933     1.740 
DERIV        0.650     1.480 
DESTRU-MOD   0.250     0.270 
DESTRU       0.250     0.273 
DIV2         1.367     1.550 
FFT-MOD	     0.183     0.320 
FFT	     5.083     0.300 
FPRINT       0.121     2.255 
FREAD        0.138     0.925 
FRPOLY       5.917     9.680 
PUZZLE-MOD   1.117     1.130 
PUZZLE       1.150     0.650 
STAK         0.450     0.278 
TAK-MOD      0.300     0.610 
TAK          0.517     0.620 
TAKL         0.183     0.370 
TAKR         0.067     0.168 
TPRINT       0.192     4.390 
TRAVERSE     5.450     7.870 
TRIANG-MOD   9.283     94.700
TRIANG       11.183    13.030
---End File ~/chart-lisps---