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Thanks so very much for the new gabriel stuff.

1.  I think that somehow the new version of gabriel.tar.Z on both
rascal and cli.com suffers from bit rot.  In particular, uncompress

   uncompress gabriel.tar.Z
   gabriel.tar.Z: not in compressed format

Maybe something like a failure to use binary mode during ftp.

2.  Before you make a new one, would you please add the (space 0)
proclamation that ram suggested?  space is a legit CLTL2 declaration.

3.  Could you also please say what the operating instructions are for
all lisps.  Is it just

   % make "LISP=..."   

for any lisp ... excepting cmulisp and

   % make "LISP=cmulisp" "QUIT=(quit)"

for cmulisp?  I ask because I want to include just a tiny bit of
operating info in the READMEs.  Previously, a -e had been required.

4.  Am I correct in thinking that this includes your new CLTL2
compatible make-declare?  I'm tempted to reply to the fellow who
posted the Lisp Works benchmarks to comp.lang.lisp via comp.lang.lisp
if I don't hear back from him.

Thanks so much,