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CMU Common Lisp


Nothing is publicly available here without explicit permission from 
someone ... this message has been cc:d to the slisp group here at CMU.
They should be able to help you out.


Tom Price
SCS User Services

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Subject: CMU Common Lisp

   Apologies if this is the wrong address to send requests of this nature,
but there didn't seem to be any advertised address for this.

   I'm writing to you as a representative of the GNU project, and we'd like
to distribute CMU Common Lisp on our tapes, provided that you allow free
redistribution of the sources.  If so, where might I find it?  Access to
various paths through FTP on cs.cmu.edu seems to be spotty, with no
documentation as to what's accessible and what isn't.

   Thanks in advance for any reply. 

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Noah Friedman

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