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User interface issues


I just wanted to emphasize that the confidential issues we discussed today,
relating to various user-interface packages, should not be mentioned on
slisp-group@cs or cmucl-bugs@cs.  It's OK with the company if we discuss
this stuff among ourselves, but that does not include all the randoms on
the "internal" mailing lists, who work for companies.

The main point is that it would be damaging right now to start a rumor that
this package is going to be put in the public domain.  In fact, that's only
one of several options.

At some point this restriction may be lifted, but only after we have agreed
on what we want to do and the company has discussed all this their major

The guy we are discussing this with expressed the view that undergrads
couldn't keep secrets.  Let's prove him wrong.

If there are any questions or problems, contact me.