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CMU Common Lisp and X-windows

Hi Rob,

I've been using your great CL implementation for some time now and would
like to use the Xlib package. I was wondering how the XEventLoop (or is
it x-event-case?) can be run while editing code, so that I can develop
the handlers and other code without having to remake windows or restart
the event loop when testing changes. Do I have to use stack groups or
make several editor slaves?

I also have some questions concerning the inspector which is great BTW: Is
it possible to make a copy of the inspector window so that I can inspect
several items at once. Is it possible to back up to give the effect og
an inspection tree? How di you use the inspect function without an
argument as in (inspect) ?

And: Does there exist an overview of nice utilities your project has
made that is ftp-able?

Thanks very much in advance,

   Hallvard Traetteberg, 

   Former student at:
   Norwegian Institute of Technology,
   Division of Computer Systems and Telematics
   7034 Trondheim - NTH, Norway

   E-mail: haltraet@idt.unit.no or haltraet@ibt.unit.no