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request for CD-ROM inclusion of CMU CL

Hi! As you may know, Apple is getting ready to release Mac CommonLisp 2.0
soon. It's gonna ship with a CD-ROM in every box, and I'm trying to collect
as many cool lisp things as I can to fill up the CD-ROM; theses, PD code,
papers, mail archives, anything I can get my hands on. I'm not really picky
about whether the stuff is Mac-specific, it's just that it would be nice
to have a lisp cd-rom that anyone could get.

I found a 2Mb archive called "CMU CommonLisp" on a server within Apple,
along with docs pointing to anonymous ftp service at CMU, but I'd like
to confirm with you whether it would be all right to include CMU CommonLisp.
Is it ok? What's the best way to tell whether I have the latest version?

Please let me know one way or the other, or if there's any other things you 
know of that I can include. For example, I still haven't found an archive for
comp.lang.lisp. I know about MKant's utils, but are there any other sources
at CMU you can recommend?