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Re: release notes


Thanks for getting this done.  Your version contains a few bits of jargon
and other terms that some potential users may find obscure.  Here's a
proposed revision.

-- Scott

These notes correspond to the first beta-test release of CMU Common Lisp
for the Decstation series of machines running the Mach operating system.

Please note that this is a BETA TEST release.  The Lisp system has been
used for some weeks within our development group, but it has not been
extensively tested.  Users who need a stable, well polished Lisp system in
order to get their work done should not switch to CMU Common Lisp right
away.  As always, bugs, problems, and questions should be reported to

Also please note that CMU Common Lisp does not currently run under DEC's
Ultrix system and it does not run on Vaxstations, only on the MIPS-based
Decstation machines.

In order to use CMUCL, you must subscribe to the beta release of the
cs.misc.cmucl collection, and you must be running the latest Mach kernel
(X131 or later).  To subscribe to the CMUCL collection, type either:

	/usr/cs/etc/modmisc - -release beta cs.misc.cmucl

to set up a symbolic link into AFS, or:

	/usr/cs/etc/modmisc + -release beta cs.misc.cmucl

to make a local copy of the entire collection.  Only the system
administrator for a given machine can do this.

Currently, the misc collection occupies about 26 megabytes of disk space,
most of it in a single large file.  If you have enough space on your
machine's disk, you will probably want to use the second method, which
creates a local copy.  If you use the AFS option, it will require a few
minutes to re-fetch the core file whenever it is flushed from the local
machine's AFS cache.  You need a large amount of free local disk space in
either case, since AFS will pull the entire file onto the local machine.

To check which kernel you are using, you (or the system administrator for
your machine) should type:


If it responds with either CS7e or CS7f, you *must* upgrade to the latest
kernel with:

	/usr/cs/etc/modkernel default.latest