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I've checked in all changes necessary to get structure lowtags working, and
am currently compiling the world.  I've got all three pmax working on it,
so it shouldn't be much longer.  When they finish, I'll build a kernel
core.  That's probably all I'll have time for before I'm out of here.  

In order to compile the compiler:

lisp -noinit
(load "/usr/wlott/search-lists")
(load "work:ack")
(load "work:comcom")

After that finishes, deleted the #+nil's in .../wlott/work/mk-lisp that
would keep :no-pcl, :no-hemlock, and :no-clx from being pushed into
*features*, and then run mk-lisp.

After that builds you a core, use it to compile CLX, Hemlock, and PCL.

Restore mk-lisp to its former state and then run it again.

You should have a hot new impressive alpha core.  Run
.../wlott/work/inst-lisp to install it.

Oh, you will probably have to add yourself to all kinds of access lists for
any of the above to work.