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Listen Up!

It's time for the annual Chiles bitching about violating my office space.
Dirk has specifically asked me to limit interactions in my office because
it is significantly interfering with his work.  It is also eating up my
time as well.  I'm becoming much busier now that I'm free of the RT port,
and thanks to William for becoming the project's VOP level master.  I told
Dirk I'd try to talk to undergrads in the rack and conduct design meetings
in conference rooms, the rack, or others' offices.  Of course, sometimes we
must debug in my office, and Dirk expects that.

For me personally, because I can't work most evenings or weekends (since
that's the only time I see Linda), my time at work during the day is
crucial.  The time I do work in the evenings or the weekend is for getting
ahead, not for catching up.  I can no longer tolerate non-work related
visits to my office without prior appointment.  If you want to just
socialize or casually bullshit about work, then call or send mail first.
If those of you who casually stopped by only did so once a month instead of
twice a day, it wouldn't be so annoying or time consuming.

If you just come by my office and sit down unprepared to do something work
related, I'm going to be quite rude.  If you bring your lunch or afternoon
snacks, I'm going to be even more rude because you are simply using me to
occupy yourselves while you have nothing better to do.  I say again, my
office is NOT a fucking cafeteria!  Get it?

A couple of you have laughed because I spend time reading netnews and then
bitch about others for using up my time.  When I read netnews, I have
scheduled that time for something I have chosen to do, but I cannot allot
time for random visits.  These are two different things regardless of
whether you choose to recognize this; I'm controlling where my time goes in
one case, not in the other.