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I answered this guy and told him that we have done considerable static and
dynamic analysis of our Lisp, but that we have not published anything on
this.  Rob, you are probably the best one to send him a short summary of
what we have done.  Do you have such information handy?  Also, I guess we
could point him to the Python soruces.

Note: These people working on parallel EDS-Lisp (features futures and a few
other tricks) are in a different group from Daessler's.  EDS is more
researchy and less product-oriented.  They were quite interested in our
type-inference and flow analysis tricks, and also in how we debug highly
optimized code.  I expect that someone in this group will eventually
contact us to get access to the sources, unless they get the pointers
direct from Deassler.

-- Scott

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Hallo Mr. Fahlman

In the first week of april you have visited the company Siemens AG in
Munich, Germany. There you have seen the development of a parallel Lisp,
the EDS-Lisp. 
I am student at the technical university in Munich and I am writing a
dissertation on static analysis of EDS-Lisp. From an member of the
development-team, from Mrs. Dr. Sabine Thuermel, I learnt that you have
build an Lisp-compiler, which features static analysis. I am very
interested in your work on these topic. If there are any papers where
you have published your ideas, I will be glad if you send me, where I
can find them.
Thank you in advance.

Manfred Heiss

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