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Re: Lisp Conference


Assuming that both you and Rob want to go to this, and that neither of you
are presenting a paper at the conference, and assuming that the
registration fee isn't out of line, the deal will probably be this: the
department will pay for the conference fee and will make some contribution
toward transport and lodging.  (Stoltzfus agreed to pick up fee plus $300
for Rob's trip to SIGPLAN in Toronto.)  Since the expenses will be capped,
anything you two can do to keep the cost down will reduce your
out-of-pocket expenses.

Since the conference isn't till the end of October, we can at least wait
until the formal announcement comes out (with prices, hotel rates, etc.).
Then we'll need to present a formal request to Stoltzfus.

This one still sounds pretty bogus and amateurish to me, but it does have
the advantage of being within feasible driving distance.

-- Scott