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Re: Release of CMU Common Lisp for PMAX


No one other than system developers/maintainers should ever be
permanently subscribed to .alpha or .latest release software and it is
really not a good idea to advertise that people do this without
providing a suitable disclaimer that that these releases are highly
experimental and not recommended/supported for general use.  When you
have to do this for kernel releases, at the very least people should
also be advised to

1) subscribe immediately to STD.{latest,alpha} release once they have
upgraded the kernel they need onto the disk so that they don't
automatically receive the next experimental release;

2) remember to resubscribe to the standard release when the kernel with
the features they need moves into beta, gamma, or default release.

Do you happen to know what bug fixes in the latest kernel the CMU CL
release depends on?  Perhaps we can retrofit them into a beta-test
release based on CS7 for the PMAX.

- Mike