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Well, I ended up staying up longer than I had originally planned.  Anyway,
I've got a compile of the compiler running right now, so you won't have to
do that.  You will have to build another kernel core, 'cause the one out
there has a broken load built into it.  You need to use the genesis out of
my play area.  Load .../wlott/compiler/generic/genesis.pmaxf, define the
search list ``target'' and load .../wlott/work/worldbuild.lisp.

After building a new kernel core, you should be able to use mk-lisp to
build a new compiler only core, which you can use to compile everything
else.  Oh, you will have to build a core with CLX loaded into it to compile
Hemlock.  (Well, you don't have to, but the resultant Hemlock won't ever
use X if you don't.)

I'll be back in town Thursday night, and will read mail, so you probably
want to try this before then so that if any problems arise you can get
questions to me.

Have fun.