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Errors, Warnings, and Notes

Yes, it's Bill complaining about compiler output again.

This time I noticed that I'm getting warnings on the fly that I'm calling a
function with the wrong number of arguments.  Now, remember I'm already
trained to search for errors and warnings to find all the errors in my
program.  I continue searching, but I never come across a warning that the
function I supposedly called with the wrong number of arguments actually
had been redefined accordingly.  Yes, I understand that one is actually and
error called a warning and the other is no error at all, hence the tag
"note:"; however, this is just another awkwardness in trying to easily
determine if I can load my code and try to run it.

If we can't change the argument redefinition note to a warning, then can we
move all these to the end.  There's already this annoying thing of saving
up messages for the end of the compilation and sorting them in some odd
order other than the one you found them in, so why couldn't you save up
warning about incorrect argument counts on calls until the end to see if
some of these warnings can be flushed.  I suspect that almost always they
can be flushed since I usually only get them when I've changed a function's
arg list and all the call sites; I also usually check arg lists for
any function for which I have any doubt as to its interface.

Moving them to the end would save output, and as Bill Wolf taught us we can
reduce compile time to zero if we can eliminate all the output.