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Re: New alpha-test kernel


The standard CS8 release for the PMAX is based on X138 and should have
everything that was in the X132 kernel.  I'd suggest trying this on a
few machines to see if it works for you.  To obtain CS8 rather than CS7
for the PMAX, you must currently use a configuration name of STD+ANY.
Thus, the command would be:

	/usr/cs/etc/modkernel STD+ANY.<release>

where <release> is "default" or "beta" as the owner prefers.

- Mike

P.S.  The "latest" releases of the kernel have typically been done in a
rather ad hoc fashion and the current alpha-test release is actually
newer than the current latest release with respect to RFS so that if
you are currently subscribed to a "latest" release on these machines
you aren't in any immediate danger of picking up a kernel which the new
RFS support.