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Need a ride to LUV-91?

>I'd be interested in getting a ride to LUV.  


>What are your plans? 

I'm pretty flexible, and haven't finalized any plans yet. I'm not
going to any tutorials either, but may be on a panel that Brad Myers
is setting up on UI's. 

>b.t.w., although we live in Pittsburgh, my wife commutes to OSU in

Wow, that's one heck of a commute.

>What is OSU like computer-wise, and especially Lisp-wise?

Computer-wise it's OK, Lisp-wise it's pretty dead. I was hired on at
the AI lab about 5 years ago during it's boom time, when we had 30-40
Xerox dmachines, 10 RT's, an Explorer, and a Symbolics. Now we're
mostly on Suns, using raw Allegro. I now work half-time, and the other
half work for Venue (the successors of Envos, who were the Xerox
spinoff), doing development on Medley. Right now I'm CLOSifying PCL,
followed shortly by adding all the environmental support that Medley
likes to have like browsers, etc., ala LOOPS (at some point I'll
probably have to reimplement LOOPS in CLOS).