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Re: LUV-91

    There is a possibility the guy is saving a prime slot Wednesday for us.
    Otherwise, there are two possibilities.  He could Thursday morning slot us
    against the big three, or he could slot us Thursday afternoon against other
    random hacks or products.
...or he's basically blowing you off altogether.  Given that Rob was just
about the first person to express an interest in speaking at this shindig,
I think it's pretty significant that CMU CL is not on the preliminary
schedule.  It is also pretty significant that these guys won't communicate
with you.

Time to face reality: This is a Lisp Users and *VENDORS* meeting.  Vendors
are commercial companies who pay the organizers money for a chance to sell
their goodies to the users in attendance.  We're not paying the organizers
any money, so we're not vendors.  Users sit in the audience and listen.
It's a trade show, not a conference or user's group meeting, regardless of
how the organizers might want to portray it.

    Possibly I'm put out that he slotted Ibuki (essentially KCL as I understand
    it), but he hasn't even responded to Rob's nor my inquiries about us -- the
    only competing kick ass Common Lisp implementation.  What, we stand behind

Ibuki is KCL, repackaged and sold for money by a VENDOR.  Note that Austin
KCL (which is the free product) is not listed.

I would try one last time to contact the organizers.  Tell them that we
have to make travel plans and that we need to know right away whether CMU
CL will have a slot and when that slot will be.  If you get no answer,
that's your answer.  If Rob is feeling cranky, he can post something on
comp.lang.lisp retracting his earlier promise to be there and saying why.

Or you could go there anyway and try to win converts in the lobby between
talks.  But it would be hard to justify paying for this if there is not a

In any case, don't worry about making a splash.  When we start passing out
the SunOS version for free, it'll splash.

-- Scott