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	Thank you for the information about CMU CL.

	I retrieved the binary for the PMAX as well as the C source 
	code for the runtime system. The first impression is that the 
	current system does not work on Mach3 as it is now.

	First a few words about problems encontered with CMUCL at Mach3:

 	1. vm_allocate tries to allocate a chunk of size 0x05000000 from 
	   address 0x0b000000, which overlaps the user mapped file space at 
	2. map_fd fails with message about invalid arguments even when the 
	   first problem is solved. 
	3. Also there seems to be some problems with signals (SEGV), but 
	   it may be due to problems with map_fd. The lisp now drops to 

	Do you have any documents how to bootstrap lisp? If I get the 
	problem with map_fd solved I guess it is the next step (if the 
	lisp.core or the kernel.core do not work).

	If you have any external users mailing lists for CMU CL, please 
	add address cmucl-list@cs.hut.fi to these. 
	Tero Mononen