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call for papers

                      CALL FOR PAPERS
                  1992 ACM Conference on
             Lisp and Functional Programming
                     June 22--24, 1992
                 San Francisco, California

The 1992 ACM Conference on Lisp and Functional Programming is
the seventh in a series of biennial conferences devoted to the
theory, design, and implementation of programming languages and
systems related to Lisp, functional programming, and symbolic
computation.  The conference is sponsored jointly by ACM SIGPLAN,
SIGACT, and SIGART, and will take place at the Fairmont Hotel in
San Francisco.

Papers presented at the conference must include new ideas or
experimental results that have not been previously published.
Previous conferences have included papers in the following areas:
programming language concepts and facilities; implementation
methods; machine architectures; semantic foundations; programming
logics; and program development environments.  Beyond these areas,
authors are strongly encouraged to submit papers that introduce
important new topics that are relevant to functional programming
and symbolic computation.

Authors should submit 12 copies of a technical summary of a
prospective conference paper to the program chair at the address
below.  The length of the summary should not exceed 3,000 words
(10 pages double-spaced or typeset 11-point on 16-point spacing).
The summary should be organized so that it is easily understood.
It is important for the summary to identify what has been
accomplished, explain why it is significant, and compare it with
previous work.

Submissions must be received by December 2, 1991.  They should
include a return postal address and an electronic mail address if
it is available.  Authors will be notified of the acceptance or
rejection of their papers by February 3, 1992.  Full versions of
the accepted papers must be received in camera-ready form by
March 9, 1992.  Authors of accepted papers will be required to
sign ACM copyright release forms.  Proceedings will be distributed
at the conference and will later be available for purchase from

General Chair:
   Jon L White
   Lucid, Inc
   707 Laurel Street
   Menlo Park CA 94025
   tel: 415-329-8400, x5514
   email: jonl@lucid.com

Program Chair:
   William Clinger
   Attn: LFP 92
   Computer Science Dept
   University of Oregon
   Eugene OR 97403
   tel: 503-346-4411
   email: will@cs.uoregon.edu

Program Committee:
   R Kent Dybvig, Indiana University
   Thomas Johnsson, Chalmers Institute of Technology
   Richard B Kieburtz, Oregon Graduate Institute
   Joachim Laubsch, HP
   David Moon, Apple Computer
   Rishiyur Nikhil, DEC
   Christian Queinnec, Ecole Polytechnique & INRIA-Rocquencourt
   Guy L Steele Jr, Thinking Machines
   Carolyn Talcott, Stanford University
   William Wadge, University of Victoria