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Re: sunos

Scott_Fahlman@SEF-PMAX.SLISP.CS.CMU.EDU writes:
> William,
> I assume by "complete" you mean with Hemlock, PCL, and so on.


> Also, have
> we now fixed those known bugs in the core Miles built?  Stack overflows,
> something about rounding, etc....

Stack overflows are still fatal (just like under MACH), but rounding
works.  Actually, stack overflow under MACH makes your lisp go out to
lunch, while under SunOS is dies with a fatal error, so the SunOS
version is one better than us.  Should I put lots of effort into
fixing this (3 or 4 solid days), or just make sure I get it right
under my new GenGC system?

> If it's ready, we want to give it a very intensive one-week or two-week
> trial by friendly people who will really use it before announcing it to the
> net.  We should certainly tell the cmucl-bugs people about this and ask
> them to help us shake it down.  Also maybe post on the local "clisp" bboard
> to see if there are any CMU people who want to try this out -- make it
> clear that this is meant to be a shake-down before a real release.  Ask
> them *not* to tell all their (outside) friends about this just yet.

How about I pound on it for the weekend, and post something on Monday?

> We'll need to make it easy for people to pick this up.  Put all the stuff
> they should copy in one directory, and produce an initial "How to get it
> and how to install it" note.  We need to debug that as well.

For anyone with AFS access, it's trivial.  I can put together a tar
file with a minimum amount of effort for non-AFS connected people.
I'll do that on Monday also.