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Re: sunos

    Stack overflows are still fatal (just like under MACH), but rounding
    works.  Actually, stack overflow under MACH makes your lisp go out to
    lunch, while under SunOS is dies with a fatal error, so the SunOS
    version is one better than us.  Should I put lots of effort into
    fixing this (3 or 4 solid days), or just make sure I get it right
    under my new GenGC system?
If it's no worse than on the Pmax, let it go for now.

    How about I pound on it for the weekend, and post something on Monday?
Sounds good.  You should probably spend some time at the Sun console to
make sure everything looks good there.  (Is there an X on SunOS that
Hemlock is using?)

    For anyone with AFS access, it's trivial.  I can put together a tar
    file with a minimum amount of effort for non-AFS connected people.
    I'll do that on Monday also.
Also sounds good.  We should also be sure that the manuals are in some
accessible place, ready to be FTP'ed.  Maybe compress the postscript files.

-- Scott