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The implementation of LISP::GET-GROUP-OR-USER-NAME should be changed
to use getpwent(3) et al from the C library, particularly for the
SunOS port.

The way it is now, LISP::GET-GROUP-OR-USER-NAME ignores the Yellow
Pages/NIS inclusion/exclusion lines in /etc/passwd and /etc/group.
(Consult passwd(5) on a SunOS machine for more details.)  This breaks
functions like FILE-AUTHOR when the relevant information is in the
YP/NIS map and not in the file itself.

On a related note, did the support for pathnames that start with #\~
go away?  (Was it ever there or am I thinking of LCL?)  I don't see
it in code/filesys.lisp but I have a rather old copy.

-- Chris.