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Two Small Bugs

Here's the version:

CMU Common Lisp 15d, running on samurai
Hemlock 3.5 (15d), Python 1.0(15d), target SPARCstation/Sun 4

Problem 1:

According to CLTL2, page 512, #\# is a non-terminating macro character.
In 15d, it's defined as a terminating macro character, and I actually
ran across an application that cares.  I was able to get past the
problem by doing

  (setf (lisp::get-cat-entry #\# *readtable*) lisp::constituent)

but that makes me a little uncomfortable.

Problem 2:

(typep 'output '(and symbol (not (member t nil)))) returns NIL instead
of T.  The bug is in %%TYPEP, in the HAIRY-TYPE clause, in the DOLIST
within the AND subclause -- DOLIST returns NIL if there's no
return-form, and here it needs to return T.

Paul Fuqua                     pf@csc.ti.com, ti-csl!pf
Texas Instruments, Dallas, Texas

"She's just a few sandwiches shy of a good picnic." -- AMC