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Re: LaTeX conversion

> Have you been able to spend any time on LaTexInfo or the CMU CL user manual
> lately?  If this is totally stalled, we would like to get what you have and
> finish it up.

No, I finally got back to it this week.  What with Christmas, 2 conferences,
and 2 conference deadlines, I lost 1/2 of December and most of January!

I have rolled in the bug fixes from my beta testers, and am just
tidying up the handling of keywords and arguments at the TeX end. 
Without saying RSN, I should have it all done, including the few changes
to the mss source files, by the end of the week.

Thanks for your patience.


Mike Clarkson					mike@apl.ists.ca
C.R.E.S.S.					      - or -
York University, North York, Ontario,		mike@cmm.ensmp.fr
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