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CM5 update

	The CM5 is now accessible via the cm5a partition manager. 
Note that this is not the cm51 contained in my last message.  They
are still catching up with the account passwords.  AFS is crashing
the machine, a condition that may persist for another week or more.
This also accounts for the delay in the documents that Scott
mentioned in the meeting. The partition manager has no host table so
when setting your display variable you will have to use your 
workstation IPC number.  So telnet to cm5a.psc.edu, xhost it, 
setenv DISPLAY.  Type prism to bring up the programming environemnt.
Expect trouble.  The first thing I tried crashes prism.  I will
try to write the MIMD version of hello world on the weekend. 
It is very nice looking... 
	Back to hacking, i.e. real work.