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Re: CMU Common Lisp 15e

I grabben it.
>We are now distributing the CMU CL user manual in Gnu Info format (in

The node structure is totally broken.

For example:
File: cmu-user.info  Node: Out-Of-Band Data, Prev: Making Your Own Wires, Up: Interprocess Communication under LISP, Next: Function Index
File: cmu-user.info  Node: Function Index, Prev: Out-Of-Band Data, Up: top, Next: Variable Index

Note that the previous node of Function Index is Out-Of-Band Data.
It ought to be Interprocess Communication under LISP,
the previous node *at the same level*.

One naive question that the user manual was unable to answer:
How do I quit Lisp cleanly?  This is probably obvious
to a seasoned Lisp hacker, but I can't find it in either
Steele's book, nor cmu-user.info.