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run-program problems?

I'm trying to use run-program to run external programs on other
machines, via "rlogin".  I'm having some odd problems, and was
wondering whether they are known problems/fixes.  The call looks like
	 (ext:run-program "rlogin" *foreign-machine*
			  :wait nil :input :stream :output :stream
			  #'(lambda (process)
			      (format t "~%~S~%" (process-status process))
			      (push process *process-list-ultra*)))

I then write to the process's input stream to start a program and send
it input, and read output from the output stream.  One problem I ran
into was that it was hanging on the last line of output (which didn't
end in a CR).  Sending a CR to get echoed seemed to fix that.  Now it
normally works fine, but often, it just hangs.  The :status-hook (which
I just added to look for helpful hints) doesn't get called.

Any hints?  I don't fully understand what :pty is about; is that
related?  Any helpful suggestions appreciated.  Thanks.

Robert E. Frederking			Internet: ref@cs.cmu.edu
School of Computer Science/CMT		Telephone: 412-268-6656
Carnegie Mellon University		FAX: 412-268-6298
Pittsburgh, PA 15217  USA