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Re: Plane travel query

I have copies of Scott's e-mail messages between Allen Stoltzfus and
himself.  That will be proof enough.

You will need to fill in a TR to have the airline tickets prepaid.  The
designated University Travel Agents are:

     American Express
     Forbes Travel
     Gateway Travel
     Peoples Travel
     University Travel
     World Wise Travel

Call one of them to make your reservations.  If you can go the double ticketing
route, you may be able to save the department money.  The agent will want two
numbers from you:  The Department #--5005; and the university charge number:
1-58791.  Once you've established a good price, stop by my office and I will
show you how to fill in the TR, if you want.  

We can also prepay the conference registration fees.  We'll need to have the
registration forms filled in by you and generate Mini POs (if the individual
amounts are less than $300).  Sylvia Berry distributes the Mini POs.  If you
know Barbara Sandling, perhaps she would be willing to help you with this.

I hope I haven't overwhelmed you.  Stop by my office if you have questions.