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Draft specification available for review

A draft specification is available for internal X3J13 review.

It lives in the directory /cl/document on Arisia.Xerox.COM,
which should be available via public FTP.  A summary of those
files appears further below in this message; among the files
is a letter to reviewers which everyone should read.

Unless there is a special request from someone without electronic
access, I do not plan to mail hardcoyp of this document to everyone.  It
is too big, and I have neither the financial resources to do it, nor the
reasonable expectation that everyone will look at every part of it
before the meeting.  An index to the document appeas in the file
"-reviewer-notes.text" and I suggest that people should use that index
as a guide to what they should look at; in fact, I guess I'll mail a
copy of it to X3J13 (under separate cover) for those who feel they
need to read that to know how or whether to get started.

In private mail, Larry Masinter has said that he might be willing to help
people without ftp access get access to the sections they need.  I'm not
sure specifically what he meant by that and don't want to speak for him,
so I'll leave it for him to say what he might have intended by that (or
to tell me that I was confused in believing he said this).

The rest of this message is a summary of what files exist in the Arisia
directory /cl/document/ available via anonymous FTP ...


   (Yes, the filename starts with a hyphen so it will appear early
   in the directory listing.)  This is a text file with instructions
   to all reviewers. [I'll also mail this directly to X3J13, so watch
   for it in your mailbox following this message.]


   This file contains all the index information about what issues
   are included (I didn't get to a few of them; sorry about that),
   and what section and page numbers are affected.  Markers for the
   issues are no longer visible in the text; this is your only access
   to the information (other than the source files, of course).


   These are compressed DVI files, which can be uncompressed and then
   printed by any printer program which understands .dvi format.


   These are the TeX sources.  The files named chap-<n>.tex
   (where <n> is one of 0...27, or the letter "a") are
   the ones intended to be `toplevel' requests for TeX. 
   Note that chap-*.tex will match other files as well, some of
   which are sections included by main chapters.
   The files can be done in any order, except that chap-0.tex must 
   be done last.  I don't recommend using TeX at all since .dvi 
   files are already available and you'll just risk screwing 
   something up if you do it anew.  The files setup*.tex are the 
   macro files. The files dict-*.tex are dictionary stuff.


   This is index information that was created by a Lisp program
   based on .idx files created by processing each of the .tex files.
   It is not automatically output by TeX, so don't look for it.
   You definitely need this file if you want to run TeX on chap-0.