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Re: Can't start the inspector

	Loop is being completely rewritten by me at this very
moment.  IT is not implemented in the old version.  I will have 
something available soon (a week I hope).
	The authorization mechanism for OpenWindows is not
recognized by the inspector. Use xhost + (see below).
	A patch for this deficiency is under discussion, but not yet
part of the distribution.  Some of the recent suggestions are
amended below.  If you want to see the discussion about the untested
patch for the authorization problem, let me know and I will forward
it along too.



Here are a set of recent messages that have dealt with the
difficulty in getting a DISPLAY to talk to the server.  Since 
fonts are occasionally the next difficulty that can come up, these
are also ammended.  

I probably should follow up on Jake's suggestion, or equivalently 
see whether Chris has sent a clx patch out. Jake said:

>This is just a guess, but it may be the case that OpenWindows treats
>authorization for connections on unix domain sockets differently from
>those on internet domain sockets.  Somebody with the CLX sources
>should look at xlib:open-display to see that it opens the right kind
>of socket to the server based on the state of the environment variable
>DISPLAY and the arguments passed to it.

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From: Christopher Hoover <ch@lks.CSI.COM>

>>>>> On Thu, 13 Feb 92 16:10:36 EST, Ted Pawlicki <pawlicki@kodak.com> said:

Ted> how do I specify an X display ?  Here is what I get : {145}
Ted> /db5/kelly/lisp-> !127 /db5/kelly/lisp/bin/lisp -edit CMU Common
Ted> Lisp 15c, running on escher Hemlock 3.5 (15c), Python 1.0(15c),
Ted> target SPARCstation/Sun 4 Send bug reports and questions to
Ted> cmucl-bugs@cs.cmu.edu.

Ted> Connection failure to X11.0 server unix display 0: Client is not
Ted> authorized to connect to server

Ted> Restarts: 0: Return NIL from load of #<Stream for file
Ted> "/afs/cs/project/clisp/build/@sys/beta/tools/worldload.lisp">.
Ted> 1: Return to Top-Level.

Ted> Debug (type H for help)

Ted> 0] (quit)
Ted> {146} /db5/kelly/lisp->

I'm willing to bet you're either running OpenWindows or using xdm.  If
you are, you'll need to do:

	xhost +

in order to enable Hemlock to connect to your server.  The problem is
that CLX, which Hemlock uses, does not support MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 (or
XDM-AUTHORIZATION-1 in case you are using xdm) authorization.  

I hope to implement support for MIT-MAGIC-COOKE-1 authorization at
some point in the next couple of months.  If I do, I will try to make
the changes available via the bug-clx mailing list.

- -- Chris.

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From: Christopher Hoover <ch@lks.CSI.COM>

>>>>> On Mon, 17 Feb 1992 12:12:47 PST, Doug Cutting <cutting@parc.xerox.com> said:

Doug> (4) Any use of CLX hangs Sun's XNeWS server.  I traced the connection
Doug> once, and I think it hung attempting to set the font path, though I'm
Doug> not sure.

Hmmm ... What version of OpenWindows are you using?

-- Chris.

------- End of Forwarded Message William Schmidt


Note that if the problem is related to the CMU use of the 18x13u font by
Hemlock, you can get Hemlock not to use it by setting variables in
lib/site-init.lisp.  In fact, the default site-init sets up to use courier,
so I'm not sure why 8x13u is being mentioned.

It could be the simple presence of a malformed font directory in the font
path causes OpenWindows to crash.


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From: <ted@NMSU.Edu>

   From: Doug Cutting <cutting@parc.xerox.com>
   Date: 	Mon, 17 Feb 1992 15:41:23 PST

   > Date:   Mon, 17 Feb 1992 14:56:07 -0800
   > From:   Christopher Hoover <ch@lks.csi.com>
   > Doug> (4) Any use of CLX hangs Sun's XNeWS server.
   > Hmmm ... What version of OpenWindows are you using?

   Version 2.  It works in version 3, albeit with the following warning:

    Cannot open font -- "8x13u"

   It works without complaint with MIT's R4 and R5.

this sounds similar to the problem that occurs if the cmucl/lib/fonts
directory doesn't have a dummy fonts.dir file in it.  what i did was
copy 8x13u.snf to cmucl/lib/fonts and mkfontdir in that directory.