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More on Richard Harris's new PCL

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From: rharris@rdrc.rpi.edu
Organization: The Ohio State University Department of Computer and Information Science
Date: 3 Apr 92 05:56:07 GMT
Subject: March 92 PCL

I have put two new files in the directory /pub/pcl of parcftp.xerox.com:
March-92-PCL-beta.tar.Z, and March-92-systems.tar.Z.

The file March-92-PCL-beta.tar.Z contains a new version of PCL.
This version contains full support for structure classes and many optimizations
which speed up PCL at run-time (but the new PCL is slower at load-time and
uses more space), and is much closer than previous versions of PCL
to the metaobject protocol specified in "The Art of the Metaobject Protocol", 
chapters 5 and 6, by Gregor Kiczales, Jim des Riveres, and Daniel G. Bobrow.
See the file notes.text for more details.

The file March-92-systems.tar.Z contains all the files in March-92-PCL-beta.tar.Z,
as well as several other systems: CLX for X11R5, conditions (based on Kent Pitman's 
cond18.lisp; most of this is loaded only in KCL), and an extensible inspector
that supports multiple views of objects (which is invoked by calling INSPECT).
These systems are easily installable: all you need to do to compile and load
everything (if you are using Lucid CL or Allegro CL or AKCL) is load the top-level 
file system.lisp (it would probably work better if you start with a lisp that
does not already have these systems loaded).  If you are using CMU CL, you need 
to edit the top level file init.lisp and load that.  The tools subdirectory is 
for CMU CL users who want to save a world with all these systems in it.

[Note: My recent tests of these systems have used Lucid's Sun Common Lisp version
4.0.1, and CMU CL version 15e only]

Richard Harris

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