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I am not exactly sure what I should do about the copyright issue.  I talked
to the leader of the group I am in, and he said that any of my software can be freely
distributable, but that it was a good idea for me to add copyright notices to my files.

The project I am in is called ROSE - Rensselaer Object System for Engineering, and is 
sponsored in part by DARPA under contract number MDA972-88-C0047 for the 
DARPA Initiative in Concurrent Engineering (DICE).

As soon as (or maybe even before) I figure out what the copyright notice should be,
I will put a (revised) copy of the software I sent to you in parcftp.xerox.com:/pub/pcl/, 
and I will announce it to the readers of the commonloops mailing list.

Please send me any comments you or others have about the PCL system or the inspecter that
I sent you.

  Thank you

Richard Harris