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Question concerning LISP-streams ...

We are using CMU-Lisp (-> version 16b on SPARCstation/Sun 4 with > 16/24 Mb memory) and have a question concerning streams not connected to files. Our intention is like following: Function A is creating an output-stream (-> with (make-string-output-stream)) and writes some information on it (-> (write-line "test" outstr) ...). Function B, which is called afterwards, gets this output stream and wants to supply a call to run-program() with this output-stream as input (-> (run-program "test" NIL :input outstr ...)). But the so called program receives only an EOF when reading from his input-stream Is there a possibility to make the output-stream accessible as input-stream (-> without using associated files) ? We have already found a solution by using the combination - (make-string-input-stream (get-output-stream-string outstr)) - but this solution is limited in some way. 
                            Thanks, Josef and Matthias