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foreign function interface


in one of the latest distributions of the files "cmu-user.tex" we read that
there should be a possibility for passing procedure pointers to a C routine.
(macro "def-c-procedure"). We are very interested in such a mechanism,
because we want to include an existing C++ - object-system into the Lisp.

But it seems that in the release "15e-source.tar.Z" we got, this will not 
work because in the source files "/code/c-call.lisp" these macros are
ex-commented. (#|...|#)

It would be very kind of you to send us a mail what the current state of
this topic is, and if it makes sense to wait for a subsequent version,
where it is completely solved. 

Otherwise some hints how to do this are greatly appreciated, even if the
calling mechanism is very restricted.
(We have some good hackers here, they whopefully will solve the problems).

Many thanks in advance

Wolfgang Koehler
GMD - First an der TU Berlin
Hardenbergplatz 2
1000 Berlin 12 
Tel. 030 25499-273