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ACM copyright transfer

I have received the final copy of your paper for the L&FP proceedings.
Thank you.

I forgot to ask ACM to send you a copyright transfer form.  (In the
past these were included with the ACM author kits, which we did not
use this time.)  ACM headquarters is now sending you a copyright
transfer form, which you (or the first author of your paper)
should sign and return to ACM immediately.  Since time is short, we
would like you to return the form to ACM by fax.  The ACM fax number
will be included with the copyright transfer form.

If your address is outside the United States, ACM will send the
copyright transfer form to the FAX number you provided with your

I apologize for troubling you about this.  By the way, please ask
me to send you a copy of the advance program and registration form
if you need one (or more).

William Clinger
program chair, L&FP