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Thinking Machine's Gnumacs Patches

Several people have asked me about this, so I might as well make a general

Thinking Machines puts out a nice bunch of gnumacs patches that make the
editor into much more lisp-machine-like.  This includes M-., M-C-Y, M-E,
M-C, etc. (edit-definition, repeat-last-shell-command, eval-expression,
compile-expression)  .

Anonymous ftp to think.com

The hacks are archived in ~ftp/think/tmc-gmacs-hacks-f4.tar.Z

This is a large file.  Make sure you have sufficient space (about 5
Megs) when you decompress.

Make sure you read the README file.  It's a straightforward installation,
and well worth your efforts.  Pay particular attention to the new
"run-remote-lisp" and "run-lisp" commands.