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> Why doesn't the following work?
> >No matching method for the generic-function #<Standard-Generic-Function PCL::SAME-SPECIALIZER-P (2) {5369EC1}>,
> >when called with arguments (#<PCL::EQL-SPECIALIZER {713622D}>
> >                            #<Built-In-Class INTEGER {53AF9E5}>).

Your code is correct, it's just PCL that is lacking the a method here.
This bug has been in PCL for an astonishingly long time but has
finally been fixed by the fixes and enhancements that have been put on
parcftp.Xerox.COM lately.

Your particular problem is fixed by adding this missing definition
((in-package "PCL") of course):

(defmethod same-specializer-p ((specl1 specializer) (specl2 specializer))

Hopefully the new and improved version of PCL will appear in CMU CL