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Re: One bug in CMUCL (version 15a?)

	I agree that the round up conversion into the exponent from
the mantissa of an E format floating point is feasible to code.  It
is not, on the other hand, part of the specification for format's
behavior.  The interplay between exponents and mantissa can get
complicated, especially when the exponent overflows outside of its
specified width.  One of the big advantages of CMUCL is that you can
get into the sources and produce the behavior that you think is more
appropriate.  In this case you probably want to lool at the
/src/code/format.lisp file.  Format is a fairly large and
complicated file to deal with.
	A new limited beta release 16c for the Sparc was announced
yesterday.  It includes some new format material, but does not
reproduce the behavior that you desire.  You may want to look into
it too. An excerpt from the announcement is appended below.


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This message announces the limited beta release of CMU Common Lisp 16c for
SPARCstation or Sun4 machines running SunOS.

	    Release notes for CMU Common Lisp 16c, 23 April 92

16c is our first version 16 release, and incorporates many changes not
present in the 15 series.  It is currently fairly close to our current
internal development (alpha) systems, and is thus less stable.  The major
changes are:
    New Aliens
    New pathnames
    New pretty printer
    New format
    R5.0 CLX.  
    5/1/90  May Day PCL (REV 4b)

The documentation for the new Alien foreign data structure/function call
facility is in doc/alien.dvi.  Note that cmu-user.ps still contains the old
Alien documentation.  See doc/release-notes.txt for the full release notes
(also in /afs/cs/project/clisp/general-info/pre-beta-release-notes.txt.)

The rest of this message is derived from the cmucl(1) man page and the README

  Robert A. MacLachlan (ram@cs.cmu.edu)
(truncated message)