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Re: New system wish-list

Bill.Chiles@CHILES.SLISP.CS.CMU.EDU writes:
> When I said there is no simple way to do this, I was speaking to Todd.  I
> meant to argue that it is completely a waste of Todd's time to try to get
> this right just for his project's use since this is what he asked.  I think
> it would be unfair if this discussion led Todd to believe he should start
> trying "the simple way" to put thread or stack group support in our system,
> just because Rob and William think it will be wrapped up in a couple week's
> time.
> Bill

Please note that unless Todd is on the slisp-group list, he did not
receive my message.  And if he is, he should be sure to note that my 2
week estimate was 2 *additional* weeks after getting generational GC
up (which will probably take most of a month, given the possibilities
for problems).  Also, Scott whats load-foreign before I start really
working on generational GC, and that will take quite a bit of time
itself.  Plus there are these remaining bugs...

Unless Scott decides to reprioritize things, I see threads by early
or middle summer, but definatly not sooner.