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full steam ahead

We're on for March 21 and 22 at Sun.  A block of rooms is reserved at (where
else?) Rickey's Hyatt.  Please make your reservations by March 4.  Mention
Ansi Common Lisp meeting for an $83 rate.

Is anyone else coming?  I've only heard from 16 of you....

Directions from the Rickey's Hyatt to Sun Mt View -- Building #6.

Go South on El Camino (towards Mountain View)
Make a left on San Antonio Road
Follow San Antonio over 101. You will pass "Corporate Headquarters" DO NOT TURN IN THERE.
Make a right turn onto Bayshore Parkway (a frontage road) (The first stop light after 101)
Follow Bayshore Pkwy to Garcia Ave *** Turn Left, (the only way you can turn)
Make a left onto Marine Way
Right on Coast Ave
Park anywhere. The buildings will be marked.

See ya soon,